Bust through your sticking point with the world's only portable, electric self-spotting bench press machine that requires NO barbell attachments for a completely natural bench press. Safely train to muscle failure by yourself at anytime for your Biggest Bench Possible. Also great for simulating Powerlifting "Board" training! The Power Press WILL actually lift and "Spot" the barbell unlike most other proclaimed "self-spotters" which are just barbell catches like the smith machine.


Roy Begley Memorial Bench Press Challenge 3/20/04

Tom Pearch is shown trying out the Power Press at the Roy Begley Memorial Bench Press Benefit for  Muscular Dystrophy.  Tom, who's friend and weightlifting competitor Roy Begley died of MD at age 24,  is the founder and organizer of this great event which raised over $10,000 dollars in one afternoon of inspiring bench press competition.  This bench press event is held every March at the Town Square Mall in Monroe, Michigan.  Go to powerwillmake.itgo.com for all the details.


“The Power Press is the Perfect Spotting Machine.  Thanks Concepts 2000 for supporting   this event.”

-Tom Pearch, founder and organizer of the Roy Begley Memorial Bench Press Challenge      (Tom benched an amazing 425 pounds while running the benefit event.)


The Power Press on Display at the 3rd Annual APF Michigan Bench For Cash State Bench Press Championships, January 18, 2003, at Metro Beach, Harrison Twp., Michigan.


Joe Mukite tries out the Power Press with some warm-up reps with 315.  Joe ended up benching 435 Lb at a body weight of 148 Lb to take first place in his class at the event.

“The Power Press is an incredible spotting machine.  I have never seen or used anything   like it.”

       -Joe Mukite (455BP at 148BW spring 2002)

Note:  Joe is the founder of the Bench America Fitness Weekend, April 30 - May 2, 2004 at the Odeum Sports and Expo Center, Villa Park, IL.  The Biggest Benchers in America will be competing in front of a potential 10,000 fans!  Arm Wrestling, Karate, Dance and Health Seminars are also part of the event.  See all the info at www.BenchAmerica.com.

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